For those of you who use Google Reader

<!-- Get rid of 'likers' in google reader. -->
.entry-likers {
    display: none;

In your favourite user CSS changer plugin / feature thing.

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Firefox 3.5 WTF

Wow… just wow:

Again I was rewarded with a long pause, disk crunching and a blank screen, until 30-35 seconds had passed and Firefox 3.5 was awake and ready for duty … what’s the cause of this slowness? It’s NSS. What? The Network Security System. It turns out that NSS needs to do all kinds of encryption … Instead of using the randomization functionality of the underlying operating system … they re-invented the wheel … they decided to read the files in all possible temp folders on disk with multiple threads so these files can be used as seeds for the randomization”

People with FF3.5 at work confirm it. It’s astounding that something this crazy made it in.

More to the point, aren’t random numbers the responsibility of the OS? I know that Linux has entropy-based random numbers available (from the TCP stack and other various things IIRC), and even if Windows doesn’t, surely there are better ways of gathering entropy than hitting up one of the slowest IO systems you have.

Apparently they pre-load all the fonts on your system too… :s

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NZ’s answer to William Shatner

Well, the part of William Shatner that makes ground breaking, genre-defining albums.

Anyway, check out Sam Hunt feat. SansAmp, from 2001.

The sad story is this is the only recorded ‘poetry’ reading I can find of Sam Hunt online. There is nothing of interest on YouTube, and the only other thing I can find are radio spots where he emphatically doesn’t read his own poetry.

In fact, it’s near-impossible to find written editions of his poems online, let alone what I’m looking for. And yes, I tried looking for the old Vogels ad, with no success.

Anyone have any ideas?

(As an aside, it’s quite funny listening to him on that radio show. He seems to employ the rolling vocal style he is most known for regardless of what he’s reading. I’ve never heard the blurb on the back of a book sound so much like poetry.)

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13 Different Things

  1. 1980′s wendys training video
  2. At the Bar, Georgio the Human Carpet
  3. i heart photograph: jon rafman [NSFW]
  4. Lingering | n+1
  5. Listen to excerpts of The Fantastical Reality Radio Show
  6. Mariacarla Boscono by Juergen Teller [NSFW]
  7. Meme Scenery
  8. More Just Cause 2 Lunacy
  9. . [NSFW]
  10. Seven Deadly Questions
  11. Undercover Interview- I Was a Sniper
  12. Uzbl – the uzbl browser.
  13. 音響による空間構成──池田亮司「+/−[the infinite between 0 and 1]」展:展示の現場|美術館・アート情報 artscape
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You probably don’t care but…

Apparently the Buffy franchise is being rebooted.

This is, sadly, sans Joss Whedon, Gellar or anyone else who was involved in the successful TV show and the various spinoffs.

No, this comes from the people who still hold the rights to the Buffy franchise, and have always held the rights, which for people like myself, is shockingly not Joss.

What do you think about this Buffy movie they’re making without you? JOSS WHEDON: I hope it’s cool.

Will it be any good? Considering that the people involved are the same people who made the original movie, which no one liked, I would imagine no.

It is also an odd time for a reboot. Joss Whedon’s Buffyverse is still going in comic form, and the TV show only stopped 5 or so years ago. Contrast this with the recent Star Trek reimagining, which is, depending on how you count it, ~40 years since the original.

Tbh I’m less interested in the movie and more interested in how uber Buffy fans are going to deal with this development. Will it be integrated with lore? Will it be ignored?

More drama there than any movie can provide…

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You’re trying too hard

To quote 12 Simple Steps For Effective Websites

The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea
In a beautiful pea green boat,
They took some honey, and plenty of money,
Wrapped up in a five pound note.

Edward Lear must have had some precognition about what was in store for us all with the development of the internet when he wrote this nonsensical poem.

Seriously, at some stage you have to wonder what the fuck these people are thinking.

Just because you’ve noticed that whenever you read the New York Times opinion pieces they quote Herodotus and deftly interweave humour with pathos doesn’t mean you have to start every mental excretion with some tenious attempt at being well read.

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Adopting lines of code

Miro, a cross-platform hoping-to-be popular media player cum streaming internet video player, is doing something that must be a world first.

For US$4 a month you can adopt a line of code. Apparently you get something they call a “blog widget” and presumably a warm fuzzy feeling. You watch it grow, and develop, and…

… wait, a line of code? ONE line?

Unless you’re a fan of code golf the average line of code in your application does nothing.

There’s a good reason this is a world first– it’s fucking stupid. For a start, it costs you US$4 a month. Now, that’s not a lot in the grand scheme of things. A beer a month, say. However, consider the shitstorm that people raised over no longer being free. That service only costs EU$3 a month, around a dollar less than adopting a line of code, and it actually does something.

Let’s also consider what you get for your $3 a month. Obviously you get a warm fuzzy ‘contributing’ feeling, but you get that by donating using paypal, or by, you know, contributing.

Worst of all, you have no choice in which actual line you get. It (as far as I could tell, I didn’t actually put by credit card details in) just gives you a line at random.

Which means there is someone out there who currently pays US$4 a month for this:

    self.topLevelParents = set()

Any parent would be proud, I’m sure…

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Based on actual events

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One hundred million dollars is just palletable

Page Tutor has a really cool page showing what a trillion US dollars looks like.

So, not to steal their thunder too much, but here is what they reckon one meelion dollars looks like in US currency:


Kind of a let down really. Let’s boost that to a far more impressive one hundred million dollars:


OK, now we’re talking. Money is pretty compact, no?

Now for the money shot: one trillion dollars:


Click the image to see the whole glorious thing uncropped, and take note of the man in the bottom left to get an idea of the scale. You may also notice that those pallets (now you get it…) are actually double-stacked.

So, in conclusion… uh…. a trillion dollars is a lot of money.

I hope you all learnt something.

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Microsoft Songsmith — It’s like what my brain does when you talk, except louder and requiring a Windows installation

So Microsoft released one of their many mutated children out of their labs earlier this year, known to be some kind of “song smith”.

Basically, you (or some mp3 you ripped off the tubes) sing some melody or what-have-you and then this tool creates backing music for it based on a style you select like rock, pop or reggie.

Except they all seem to map to wtf.

See exhibit A:

Now, there is some actual humour possible from this tool; no, not through the raping of our treasured memories, but from the raping of our many treasuries:

But seriously folks, the most concise example I could find of what it is and how it works is from this guy:

Who also did something else that seems specifically aimed at Pearlmill:

Also this, which exposes Philip Glass as someone who pretty much just dicks around on the piano like the rest of us but somehow gets paid for it (I kid, I’m sure he’s very talented):

OK, sleep time now, I promise!

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