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Based on actual events

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One hundred million dollars is just palletable

Page Tutor has a really cool page showing what a trillion US dollars looks like. So, not to steal their thunder too much, but here is what they reckon one meelion dollars looks like in US currency: Kind of a let down really. Let’s boost that to a far more impressive one hundred million dollars: [...]

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Microsoft Songsmith — It’s like what my brain does when you talk, except louder and requiring a Windows installation

So Microsoft released one of their many mutated children out of their labs earlier this year, known to be some kind of “song smith”. Basically, you (or some mp3 you ripped off the tubes) sing some melody or what-have-you and then this tool creates backing music for it based on a style you select like [...]

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Better fingering through Opera Fingertouch

So, Opera is the best browser. Ever. Evar, even. Firefox is too slow, and contains memory leaks. Only communist fools and / or Osama sympathisers use it. Now we’ve got those ultimate truths out of the way, check this out: You need to upgrade your Flash Player and/or enable JavaScript in your browser to view [...]

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$11.92 well spent — part 1 of 6

By Way Of Explanation This blog is not a diary, journal, logbook or chronicle. There are no musings about pretty girls, no flagellation over my hopes and dreams, no he-said she-said. There are no pictures of my cat, what I had for breakfast or what my cat had for breakfast. And that’s not just because [...]

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Oh shit son, those tunes are *on point*.

(I’m channeling Robert, can ya tell?) I have a new friend. My brother introduced us (good job!). She’s not exactly pretty or intellegent, but she is stuck in the 80s. And that’s a good thing. Say hello to the new old thing: This, is Sidplay2. If you’re in Ubuntu you can just sudo apt-get install [...]

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Say hello to the deeply stupid

President Barack Obama’s tax proposal – which promises to increase taxes for those families with incomes of $250,000 or more — has some Americans brainstorming ways to decrease their pay, even if it’s just by a doller. A 63-year-old attorney based in Lafayette, La., who asked not to be named, told that she plans [...]

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