If fark was in New Zealand the [florida] tag would be the [tauranga] tag


A banned Tauranga motorist today blamed his teenage son for being caught by police driving two-and-a-half times over the legal alcohol limit. Easton Shane Taikato, 40, beneficiary, told Tauranga District Court he got drunk because his 15-year-old son had not come home the night before. [Tauranga] Man blames son for drink driving

…coupled with this:

A Tauranga man has admitted encouraging his partner’s 12-year-old son to light a “small” early morning fire at a Greerton play centre. … Prosecutor Barry Woon said the defendant was drinking at home with his partner and her son on the evening of December 13. Mr Woon said Moore and the boy went for a walk in the early hours of the following morning. The defendant, who continued drinking along the way, knew the 12-year-old had a cigarette lighter. … Moore watched as the boy climbed a metal fence into the grounds … and set alight a thick plastic curtain surrounding the verandah. Making no attempt to put out the fire, the pair ran home and had something to eat. About 10 or 15 minutes later, Moore noticed a large amount of smoke coming from the play centre but did not call 111 Moore told police he knew the 12-year-old had wanted to cause damage to property by either throwing stones, tagging or lighting fires. He was going to allow the child to light “small fires” and offered encouragement when the boy walked off toward the play centre. [Tauranga] Man admits encouraging boy to light play centre fire

…makes me wonder what liquid fills the Bay of Plenty…

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    According to both stories, beer fills the place.