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What this, town, neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddds

Free MP3 Yo!

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Thunk — an introduction

I’d like to talk for a moment about Thunk. Actually, it might take a while. But first, history! Thunk is a tool for writing lore. Specifically, lore one would accumulate if one was to write a fantasy / sci fi novel. Its purpose is to make adding random thoughts to your large pile of thoughts [...]

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People Still Give Out Passwords Like Fucking Candy

Interesting. Both in how it spread so well (tweets for you by default = viral fun) and how stupid people are to arbitrarily give up their passwords to professional looking web design.

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And then suddenly we all felt competent again

The worst websites of 2008.

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Quake Live!

I just got my Quake Live private beta signup key! Pros: It makes Quake 3 cool again. Cons: It doesn’t run under Linux. Or at least, not yet anyway. As it’s the kind of thing where you decide to frag n00bs for a few minutes between episodes of Frasier it’s not really viable for me [...]

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WordPress — it’s a hack and a half

Omgwtflol Some of you may have heard a beer-fueled proclamation that I was going to have my blog up and running before the end of the four day weekend following New Years Eve. Well, that dead-line has well and truly passed. As it turns out, building a blog engine takes more than the 30min I [...]

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