Carpets this thick!

Carpets This thick!

There is something rather odd about the new Prince of Persia. It’s almost like they bought the script to a light hearted buddy-comedy hopefully staring Will Farrel or Vince Vaughn by mistake and then thought, “Ah, fuck it” and went with it anyway.

The entire intro sequence / tutorial section is littered with cocky woah-zany-fun-time-disney dialogue. You never take The Prince (he never reveals his true name) seriously. The Prince never takes himself seriously. It wouldn’t surprise me if The Prince pulls a Boston Legal and breaks the fourth wall at some stage, he’s that comically out of place.

Everyone else is very serious though. While your side kick chick is talking about how it’s imperative you do this thing involving balls of light that really does sound like it’s ripped straight from Twilight Princess you / The Prince are off in your own little world making random adolescent comments about your donkey and how you could have had woman, wine and thick carpets.

As much as it sounds like I’m ripping on (sorry, dogging on) the script I actually really like it. The writing style is something you would expect to find in Firefly, Buffy or Angel. There are the good lines with surprisingly competent voice acting; then there are the standard talking-into-a-microphone-but-thinking-about-lunch deliveries we’ve come to know and love in computer games.

A lot has changed since the previous three PoP titles revived the franchise and made us forget about PoP3D. The main gist of the it seems to be this: PC gaming is out, console — especially that inspried by the Japanese — is in.

In the previous trilogy the acrobatics feats The Prince performed were impressive, but they maintained some semblance of realism. You could be fairly sure that the laws of physics were actually present there, somewhere, even if they were being.. repressed, from time to time.

This new game though.. it feels less like Jacky Chan and more like Jet Li. Less Hardboiled and more Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, you know?

Every aspect, from the way he runs to the sound effect played when you jump from a swing bar to the knitting-cut-scenes style of fighting gives the game an anime-like sense of unreality. Which is good, don’t get me wrong. It’s just not what I was expecting.

But then again, I wasn’t expecting so-bad-it’s-good dialogue either, nor voice acting that doesn’t make me want to shear my ears off with a paring knife.

And just think, I’ve only played it for an hour. Better get cracking..

Edit: If you don’t care about spoiling the beginning of the game this is a compilation of the funny moments from the first 20min or so.

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  1. TrAnWhiZ
    Posted January 1, 2010 at 3:15 pm | Permalink

    I agree with what you say about the script and the dialogue (so-bad-its-good) but personally I like it and it sets me in a pretty good mood while playing.

    Sure it’s not what we expected with the title ‘Prince of Persia’ and if you ask me, this game is shouldn’t be called PoP because its very different by a lot of aspects (realism, story, graphics, characters…), either way this game is pretty damn good, and I like it very much.

    Also, the voice action doesn’t seem so bad to me, it actually sounds good most of the times they speak.